Give Your Old Computer New Life!

The best laptop is your old laptop. With our Zero Waste initiative and LinuxMint it's like new again!

Too Good To Go!

Who hasn't experienced this: Your old Laptop was too slow, the operating system took ages to load and also the applications where not running smoothly anymore. Maybe that was a reason for you to buy a new device. Now the old one is lying around in the cupboard, because throwing it away would also be somehow sad.

If you really have no good use for that old device anymore, you can follow the instruction as described in our FAQ and donate it to us. We will find a new purpose for it.

Of course, it is even better to continue using the laptop on your own, for example to get to know the Linux operating system.

With our Zero Waste initiative, we offer to refresh your old computer. You hand the device over to us so we clean, repair and extend it. We install the operating system LinuxMint for you which gives you access to thousands of free applications.

We charge only CHF 100 for this service. If some of the Hardware has to be replaced or upgraded, we will send you an individual offer. We account the purchasing price directly and take care to choose the best vendor.

On your new old Laptop you will receive one year of FairWarranty.

If the device is irreparable, you will not be charged at all and we will ensure a proper disposal.

Additionally you will receive a reference book which will help you to get started with the Linux operating system.

If you are interested in the Zero Waste initiative, please use our contact form.

You can also reach us at +41 78 408 00 57 and we will be happy to help you.