Give Your Old Computer New Life!

The best laptop is your old laptop. With our Zero Waste initiative and LinuxMint it's like new again!

Too Good To Go!

Who has not experienced this? Your old laptop was too slow, the operating system took longer and longer to start and the applications were anything but fast. For you it was probably a reason to buy a new laptop. Now the old device is lying around in the closet, because it is somehow too good to throw away.

With our Zero Waste initiative, we offer to refresh your old computer. You hand the device over to us so we clean, repair and extend it. We install the operating system LinuxMint for you, which gives you access to thousands of free applications.

In addition, you will receive a comprehensive manual that will help you get started with the Linux operating system.

If you are interested in our Zero Waste Initiative, please use our contact form.

You can also reach us at +41 78 408 00 57 and we will be happy to help you.