Linux for the kids

Learn by playing!

With IceFun, we provide a full-featured and free Linux operating system, which includes the learning and gaming environments GCompris, Tux Paint, Tux Math and many classic games. From a didactic point of view, these are ideal for the target group. Klavaro can be used for learning the 10-finger writing system. Scratch, eToys and Laby invite programming.

If you enjoy being an artist, you can draw great pictures with MyPaint. PhotoCollage can be used to create picture compositions, and with PosteRazor they can be printed out directly in postage size on a regular printer. A large image is divided into many smaller ones, which can then be glued together.

Thanks to Tetzle, the painted images can also be converted into a puzzle that can be solved on the computer.

With LMMS, a complete music studio is included, which can be used perfectly by older children after some practice, and Piano Booster helps to learn how to play the piano.

IceFun can be tried out without risk as a live DVD, and if you like it you can transfer it to a hard disk using the integrated installation program.

You can download IceFun via the specially created Homepage.

The operating system is suitable for computers with a 64-bit or 32-bit processor and can be used perfectly up to a screen resolution of 1600x1200px.

If you are interested in a computer with IceFun preinstalled, please use our contact form.
You can also reach us at +41 76 255 91 87 and we will be happy to help you.

IceFun in Aktion!

In live mode, the system runs in English, the keyboard layout can be changed via the icon on the taskbar. After an installation, the environment is completely available in German.