Linux for the Kids

Learn by playing!

With IceFun, we offer you a Linux-based operating system that has been developed under didactic aspects for playful learning. It contains various learning and gaming environments that are particularly suitable for children aged 4 to 14. The programs included help your children to learn and develop through play. For instance, they can learn the 10-finger writing system or gather their first experiences in programming.

If your children like to be creative, they can paint wonderful pictures with the MyPaint program. They can also create picture collages which can then be printed out in poster size by breaking the picture down into smaller pieces, printing them out and then sticking them together.

Self-painted pictures can be converted into puzzles, which can then be solved on the computer.

For musical talents, a complete music studio is included and a program helps your children learn to play the piano.

You can try out IceFun without any risk and install it on your computer if you like. The operating system is suitable for computers with 64-bit or 32-bit processors and supports screen resolutions up to 1600x1200px. IceFun has been designed to run well on an older PC or laptop. If you have a device up to 15 years old that you no longer need yourself, you can certainly make a child happy with it. You can find a complete list of the programs included here.

Download IceFun

For only CHF/EUR 29 you get immediate download access to the IceFun installation media.
Please wait a few seconds at the end of the process until you are redirected!

IceFun USB-Stick erstellen​

After placing your order, you have the ability to create a bootable USB stick with the image file provided by us. You will need an empty USB stick with a minimum size of 4 GB. To transfer the image file with the file extension .iso you can download the free application Etcher - then start your computer from the prepared USB stick. Most computers offer an option to do this, for example by pressing ESC, F12 or similar.

Install IceFun

In live mode, the system starts in English and the keyboard layout can be changed using the icon in the taskbar. After installation, the environment is fully available in the language of your choice.

If you need help starting your computer with IceFun or installing it, please use our contact form.