Frequently asked questions

General Questions:

What is the goal of Faircomputer?

Faircomputer mit Firmensitz in 8700 Küsnacht ZH wurde als Online-Shop ohne Ladengeschäft gegründet. Spezialisiert auf Occasion Laptops, bieten wir eine Produktpalette mit möglichst hoher Linux-Kompatibilität. Gerne bieten wir auch Hilfestellung bei der Installation und Einrichtung des Linux-Betriebssystems.

Which Linux are you installing?

It is crucial to us that you get a Free operating system. By this, we mean that the hardware operates as completely as possible with Free Software. Therefore, we have chosen the distribution Trisquel GNU/Linux, which does not contain any non-free components. If the hardware allows it, we install the KDE desktop environment. For devices with less performance, LXDE is used.

Getting started:

Your Faircomputer is delivered pre-installed. After the first start you can adjust the device to your needs.

1. select language
2. set keyboard layout
3. specify location
4. define user name, name of the computer, login name and password.
    optional: activate automatic login


We recommend extending the useful life of a computer or cell phone as much as possible. The longer it is used, the better it is for the environment. In concrete terms, this means only switching to a more energy-efficient device when:

· The device is technically defective and cannot be repaired.
· The computer or cell phone no longer meets the functional requirements.

When purchasing a new notebook you should be guided by the following criteria:

· Options for upgrading
· Modular design
· Availability of spare parts
· Long-term support of the software

This ensures that ecological aspects are taken into account at the time of purchase and that the product can be used longer.