Frequently asked questions and our answers.

General Questions:

Who is responsible for Faircomputer?

Faircomputer is an association under Swiss law. Our declared goal is to promote the sustainable use of electronic devices, especially laptops, and to promote Free Software. To this end, the association refurbishes used equipment (clean, repair, expand) and installs a Free Operating System. The devices prepared in this way are passed on free of charge. The association also offers a repair service for these devices in order to guarantee their sustainable use (FairWarranty). In order to be able to offer this service, a contribution of CHF 100 per device will be charged.

The association operates collection points where companies and private individuals can hand in used laptops.

Who founded Faircomputer?

Lioh Möller has over 25 years of experience in the Linux field. As a long-time leader of the Swiss Ubuntu team and active country coordinator of the FSFE (Free Software Foundation), she is also privately involved in Free Software.

Her interest in computers that work entirely with Free Software is also reflected in her commitment to the Libreboot project, where she is working on the implementation of a fully Free Computer BIOS. According to her ideas, everyone should have unrestricted access to computers and information and be able to use them in a self-determined way.

With the Faircomputer project, which she founded, she wants to promote the sustainable use of electronic devices and contribute to the expansion of Linux.

For laptop donors:

Can I co-decide who gets my laptop?

Basically you can't decide who gets your laptop.

What happens to the data on the laptop?

If you want to donate one or more laptops, please delete all your data first. We will also repartition and reformat the device in any case. All devices will be freshly installed by us.

For laptop recipients:

What's the deal with the FairWarranty?

The FairWarranty works as follows: if your laptop has a defect within one year, we will try to repair it for you. If we are unable to repair it, we will try to provide you with a replacement. For this we charge CHF 100 per device at the time of purchase. The laptop battery is excluded from the fair warranty.

Does the laptop cost me anything?

You get the laptop for free. However, a one-time fee of CHF 100 per device will be charged in order to be able to offer the repair service (FairWarranty). In the case of shipping, you will also bear the packaging and shipping costs. If you pick up the device in Rüti ZH, the latter amount is not applicable.

What do I do if the laptop is broken?

If something breaks, we will try to repair it for you under the FairWarranty conditions. You can simply send it to us, but you will bear the shipping costs and the return shipping itself. If it is not possible to repair the device, we will try to provide you with a replacement device. Also here the same conditions apply for the shipping costs. In any case, make sure that you have backed up all your data, for example to an external device. We do not provide any guarantee in case of data loss.

My battery is too weak, what should I do?

Since the devices are donations, the battery may not be in such good condition. If we have a better replacement battery in stock, we will install it before delivery. If the battery no longer meets your requirements, we recommend that you purchase a replacement battery. These are available at a reasonable price on ebay, for example. Enter as search term the laptop model and battery and in most cases you will find the suitable one. Some batteries also have a type name printed on them.

Which operating system is included?

Wir installieren das Betriebssystem LinuxMint für dich vor. Damit erhältst Du einen riesigen Umfang an Freier Software.


Wir empfehlen die Nutzungsdauer eines Notebooks oder eines Handys möglichst zu verlängern. Je länger es genutzt wird, umso besser ist es für die Umwelt. Konkret heisst das, erst auf ein energieeffizienteres Gerät umzusteigen, wenn:

· Das Notebook technisch defekt ist und sich nicht reparieren lässt.
· Das Notebook nicht mehr den funktionalen Ansprüchen genügt. In diesem Fall kann das Altgerät an Faircomputer gespendet werden.

Bei der Neuanschaffung eines Notebooks sollte man sich an folgenden Kriterien orientieren:

· Möglichkeiten der Auf- und Nachrüstung
· Modularer Aufbau
· Ersatzteilverfügbarkeit
· Langfristige Nutzbarkeit der Software

So wird sichergestellt, dass beim Kauf die ökologischen Aspekte berücksichtigt sind und das Produkt länger genutzt werden kann.